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How to Approach a Hyper-Local Advertising Campaign

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Web Design

A great business has strong roots in its community. If you have been advertising to too wide of an audience, it may be time for you to hyper-focus on your local market. Once you solidify your position in your town or city, you will more effectively be able to expand to other communities too. Consider the following tips when making your advertising campaign to make sure you’re the most successful.

Use Location Data

Most advertising websites allow you to share advertisements based on a variety of factors—including location. Location data is important because people in your area will be the primary target of your advertising money. This will help you figure out how to tailor your ads to your target audience more effectively.

There are several different kinds of advertisements that may work for you. Video ads can be a short and effective way to spread your brand to locals. Radio advertisements may be beneficial if your audience is older. Location data is the advertising of the future, and you should be looking for ways to implement it everywhere.

Traditional Techniques

But you don’t only have to digital advertisements. Sometimes it can pay to go back to basics with traditional advertising techniques. These include door-to-door sales, billboards, and newspaper advertisements. It is harder to know the advertisement’s success rate, but it can inspire people to stop by.

You can increase brand visibility in a particular area by wrapping transit vehicles in advertisements. This company car can be free advertising when you are offering a service in a neighborhood. They are a cost-effective way to get heads turning. Never underestimate classic, passive advertisements in a small community.

Host Events

One thing that will drive people to your business is a special event. Hosting something at your business can get people curious about what you are offering. They may stop by to check out the party but stay because of the products you offer.

Food is a great start to any event. Offer something that you can buy in bulk for a cheaper price like donuts or pizza. Introduce yourself to everyone attending and try to get to know them. Share a tidbit about what your company is about, and offer some coupons or special offers. This can be excellent motivation for people to give your business a try.

Hyper-localized advertising is a great way to regain your business’s confidence. It will help you establish your audience, help you adjust your products with the times, and will continue to keep you up when times are tough.

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