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How Can I Expand My Marketing Reach?

Jun 15, 2021 | Online Marketing

Figuring out how to reach more people in a way that results in lead conversion is a complicated process. It requires patience and careful analysis of where you are now so that you can map out a plan to where you want to be. Starting with some of these steps can help you get your footing.

Consider Your Demographic

The most important place to start when it comes to expanding your marketing reach is to figure out who you’re really trying to target. The likelihood is that there is a variety of different types of consumers you think could use your product.

Figure out which of those individuals are your ideal client and figure out what kind of marketing reaches them best. If you are selling a vacuum cleaner, targeting teenagers with ads related to college preparedness will be more effective than a generic ad spotlighting the price that might be more attractive to an older potential consumer.

Get Into TV

Another great way to reach more potential consumers is to start advertising on TV. 58 percent of consumers actually prefer TV ads over other forms. What does this mean? It means that potential consumers who view TV ads are likely to actually pay attention.

If you can really figure out how to make interesting and often funny TV ads, you might even hit the sweet spot where your ads go viral.

Use Social Media Better

One of your best marketing tools is your use of social media. For starters, making an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is free. Already a great reason to use it. And even more than that, the types of buyers you are trying to target will probably be using it! If you can develop a strong following, you’ll be able to connect more personally and consistently with your clients which will help you build brand loyalty.

When you know your target demographic, work to plan a posting schedule aimed at them and their needs. Be sure to use all the various features of the social media platform you’re using. This helps you reach the most people possible.

When it comes to expanding your marketing approach, make sure to collect data about your different strategies as you go. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to add a new type of marketing to your arsenal without measuring its effect. As you are careful to collect data on how your new strategies are working, you’ll be able to make quick adjustments as needed.

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