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Establish a Solid Online Reputation with Bing Places for Business

Sep 11, 2019 | Social Media

Whether or not you own a business, having an online presence is an important strategy to add to your overall marketing plan. Companies that have a storefront should still list their business online for a number of reasons. The most important reason is that consumers are still actively using the information they find through search engines online to make purchases. Utilizing Bing Places for Business goes in your favor especially because getting started is free. Here are a few ways that Bing Places for Business helps you build a solid online reputation for your business.

Don’t Underestimate Bing

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Google is the #1 search engine. Thanks to all of the additional services the brand provides, it has cornered the market. It is the most widely used and most widely known. Bing is #2. While it is true that the gap between Google and Bing is large, it is still not enough of a reason to underestimate Bing. When there is one dominant leader in any business sector, there will always be those who purposefully turn to their competitor. Plus, the larger a company, the more compromised the quality can become during a new product launch or roll out. If nothing else, Bing is a great backup. The search engine has its own loyal followers that could be interested in your company, your products, or services that you provide.

What is it?

Bing Places for Business is a free service offered by Bing to help businesses be noticed online when people use Bing to search for things in your industry. To get started, simply use their search engine to claim your business. Once you create an account and fill in all relevant information, you can add pictures, links, and video snippets to your page. It is a good idea to take advantage of these features so that people can get more information about your business. It takes about thirty minutes to complete, verify, and publish a profile. Afterward, you will be asked to verify the account to ensure you are authorized to execute these actions. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for Bing to index and rank your listing.

Manage and Control Information

The internet is an interesting place. It can be used for as much good as bad. One way to increase the good while minimizing the bad is to remain in control of the information that affects your company directly. When you claim your business on Bing Places for Business, verify your authority to do so, and publish your information, you can manage and control it. Whether you need to update the hours of business operation or change the address, you can edit the listing as needed. The freedom and control mean that you are always in charge of the narrative and image you want to deliver to Bing’s users.

Increase Your Business’s Visibility

Utilizing Bing Places for Business can boost your business’ visibility and allow you to position your business for greater success. Within search engine optimization, professionals use many strategies to execute online campaigns for marketing plans. When you are competing for more market share, taking advantage of the tools at your disposal is good business sense. When making your business more visible for customers, it’s incredibly important to find a service that will index your listing online in search engines. Bing Places for Business can do that for you, and it does it for free. This can increase the quality of customers and impact your bottom line in a positive manner because it focuses on desired keywords.

Increase Business Credibility

When you are searching for specific information, think about the sources you are more likely to trust. The more complete a profile is with details and pictures, the most trust it creates. By using Bing Places for Business and filling in as many questions as possible plus adding any relevant content, the more credibility you bring to the table, which bodes well with consumers.

Even though Bing is the second-most used search engine behind Google’s dominance, there are many reasons to take advantage of the visibility that can be gained. Bing’s business listings expose your company to its audience. The more places where you can capture visibility, especially for free, it is a good thing.

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