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4 Things You Can Do with a Mailing List

Building a mailing list is one of the best steps to take in marketing. Once you have a sizable list of interested readers who willingly gave you their email addresses and/or physical mailing addresses, you can tap into this income-earning potential whenever you want....

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4 Essential Elements of a Powerful Online Footprint

A thriving business needs a robust online presence. While there are many benefits to building your online presence, it can be tricky to know where to start. The must-haves below will help you establish an online image that draws customers. A Great Website An...

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How to Manage Your Online Reputation Effectively

Entering an Online Era We have now entered an age where almost everything is run predominantly online. Whether you're catching up with friends, shopping for deals, or reading news, chances are that you're doing it online. That's because you can find almost anything...

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Writing Blog Posts for Difficult Topic Matters

I am currently working with a non-profit organization that helps deliver human trafficking victims out of terrible situations. A topic that was brought up in a recent marketing meeting was how to blog and write articles that are engaging for a reader, on a subject...

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Packaging and Advertising: These Two Go Hand-in-Hand

Two of the key elements of marketing and promoting a product are its packaging and advertising. Not so many years ago, students of marketing are taught about the 4 P's of marketing, and the importance of the role each plays in the success of the product. The concept...

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