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Packaging and Advertising: These Two Go Hand-in-Hand

Two of the key elements of marketing and promoting a product are its packaging and advertising. Not so many years ago, students of marketing are taught about the 4 P's of marketing, and the importance of the role each plays in the success of the product. The concept...

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Does Content Length Matter for SEO?

When it comes to ranking your web pages and beefing up your SEO a lot of questions arise around content length. According to SWEOR, a Minneapolis based digital marketing and SEO firm, longer content produces higher search rankings. And while Google doesn't determine a...

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3 Emotional Messages Your Brand Should Emanate

One way to make your brand last for many generations is to connect with your target audience emotionally. It can create loyal consumers through lasting relationships. There are three kinds of emotional messages you can resonate with your audience: hope and optimism,...

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How Small Businesses Can Thrive On New Technology

A wide variety of free and low-cost modern technologies have made it possible for small businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace where large businesses have traditionally ruled supreme. Small business owners can interact with a significant number of potential...

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Five Gigantic Influences of Digital Marketing

If you are a CEO, web designer, entrepreneur, or another business professional, then marketing affects your life every day. You need to have a strong idea of the way digital marketing plays a role in today's day and age with the internet connecting the globe. Here are...

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4 Tips for Building and Protecting Your Brand

When it comes to building a successful business, your brand matters a lot. Without a clear, distinct brand identity, it's hard to get customers to even remember your business, let alone choose you over the competition. Many businesses fail simply because their...

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