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Thank you for reviewing our initial proposal document. Now it's time for you to build your personalized proposal, based on the your own unique needs and the features you want in your new website! Here is where you will define your final project parameters, and the features you would like to have in your new website.

Please make the choices appropriate to your project, as this is what we will use to create the Project Agreement for you to sign. Should you decide to add other features at a later date, a new agreement will need to created for those features.

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Website Design & Development

Pricing for your base website design and development project.
If your site is an eCommerce, Membership, or Real Estate site choose appropriate options below.

This is the number of pages you would like your site to have. You MUST include the HOME PAGE in your count. Do NOT include any Policy Pages in this count. Also, do not assume that you will be able to "cut pricing" by trying to cram more content into one page! These are based on a REASONABLE amount of web copy on each page, not trying to fit it all into less pages, which makes for an inferior website, a terrible user experience for your visitors, and will yield you very poor results overall.
These are pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, etc. You must supply all text for these pages. These pages cost less to create because there is very little "design" involved in creating them.

Base Project Total: $

Platform Upgrade Add-On

Healthy Hosting + Care Plan

You can choose to have your credit card billed monthly, or yearly for a discounted rate.

Enter the credit card information your monthly fee will be billed to. You are responsible for keeping a valid credit card on file. Billing does not begin until site is finalized and goes live. You do not have to enter your billing information at this time, however your site will not be launched live until payment information is on file.

Optional Add-On Features

Choose additional features and functionality you are going to be adding to your new website.
These take additional time to build out. Some may require yearly licensed API keys to function properly.

*Facebook Chat setup includes year one API licensing fee. It is then $20/year, after the first year, for API licensing. API licensing fees will be billed yearly to a credit card on file.
Please choose the number of pages for your site that you want custom meta titles and descriptions written for search engines.
Please choose the number of pages for your site that you want copy written for. Price covers up to 500 words per page.
$175 setup for the first channel which includes year one API licensing. $50 setup for each additional channel requested. $40/year after that for API licensing for the first channel, plus $20/year each for each additional channel.
$150 setup per social media channel which includes year one API licensing. $40/year/channel after that for API licensing.

Project Price Based on Selections Above





Project Fee Payment Schedule


Due Prior to Project Start


Due 1 Month from Start Date


Due 2 Months from Start Date
*Balance Due is 2 months from start date, or prior to launch, whichever comes first.

Recurring Charges


Other Information

Please be patient after hitting the send button. It can take up to several minutes for the form to process and submit.
Do not refresh your screen or hit the back button during this.
You will know it has been submitted when you receive a confirmation message on screen.
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