One way to make your brand last for many generations is to connect with your target audience emotionally. It can create loyal consumers through lasting relationships. There are three kinds of emotional messages you can resonate with your audience: hope and optimism, helpfulness, and authenticity.

Hope and Optimism

The reason both hope and optimism is in the same category is due to their similar meanings. Hope is defined as having little control over a situation while having expectations that an unlikely outcome will occur. Optimism is having more control with expectations that a more likely outcome will occur. Both hope and optimism are essential to boost morale. When you help foster a positive outlook on the future, people will be attracted to your business. Having shared values with your consumers will help encourage them to stay with your company. A good business that became popular with optimism and hope is Xyngular. Xyngular’s Youtube channel promo taps into the individual’s desire to believe that they can succeed.


Change your marketing strategy from persuasion to helpfulness. Another way to connect with consumers is by being the brand that assists individuals. Examples include having lower prices than other brands or donating currency or items to a cause for each product you sell. The goal here is to put others first. Once consumers understand that your business is aiming to help others, then they’ll want to participate in helping as well. This creates a sense of community and togetherness around your brand. However, some companies have been garnered the image of only focusing on squeezing as much money out of the consumers and employees as they can, usually to the detriment of the consumers and employees.


To be an authentic brand, you must be honest and reliable. Consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand that they can trust. A useful method would be to provide direct, honest communications with your clients about your products and services. Establish your morals and values and stick by them. If your business has a slip-up, then be up-front with your customers and let them know the measures you’ll take to do better next time. Especially in this day of the internet, dishonesty can permanently ruin a brand and even destroy a business. Kellogg, during the time of the swine flu, falsely advertised that Rice Krispies can boost your immune system by 25 percent. They pulled the slogan soon after coming under fire from critics. There are plenty of successful brands with authenticity, such as Dove with their Real Beauty Sketches Campaign.

Building a brand takes effort, so make sure a large percentage of that effort is put towards your consumers. Fill them with optimism and hope towards the future, especially with the help of your products and services. Connect with your clients by encouraging them to work together with you to help better the world. Gain and maintain the trust of your customers by standing firm by your values. If you make these three emotional messages the focus of your brand, then you will build a strong community of shopper devoted to your company.

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Editorial Staff

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