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Why Your Business Should Consider Print Advertising

Sep 9, 2021 | Business, Online Marketing

In today’s digital age, many marketers have focused in on online marketing. However, print marketing is not yet obsolete. It would be in the best interest of your business to continue using print advertising alongside digital as a marketing strategy for the following reasons.

Print Works

While digital marketing seems to dominate, print advertisements are still highly effective. In fact, people are more likely to respond to print advertisements than digital advertisements. Though Entrepreneurship in a Box does point out many pros and cons to each, one study found that people retained more information from a print ad vs. a digital one, and they were actually more likely to act on the printed ad. Engaging with a print ad leads to more emotional processing than a digital ad and this may impact how they retain the information from the ad. People also interact with print media differently. It’s more concrete and trustworthy and some people feel that a physical, printed ad holds more value than an online one.

Reach the Right People

In order to effectively market your business, you need to understand your target audience. According to SignEffx Graphics, your audience should determine where you place your signs. Once you know your audience, you can reach them better. Print ads allow you to directly reach your target audience and certain demographics. For example, you could place an ad in a magazine related to the product you are trying to sell. This way, people who read that magazine, and likely share a similar interest to the topic, will be more inclined to respond to your ad. Additionally, you can place posters, signs, and flyers in areas where your intended demographic can be found.

Build a Stronger Connection

According to Cash for Toners, using print advertisements builds a stronger connection with your audience in many ways. As mentioned, people engage more with printed advertisements. Often, this is because printed media appears more trustworthy and substantial. It’s a solid way to increase your credibility. This is especially true if you were to place an ad in a local newspaper. Likely, this newspaper is trusted by the community and people would be more inclined to respond to your ad. Printed ads also last longer than digital ones. People will only see digital ads as long as they have online accounts or use online services. A printed ad in a magazine or newspaper can be around for years.

 Printed advertisements are still a valid form of marketing and they should not be ignored. The digital world may be large and looming, but it is not the only world that matters. Your business should consider using print advertisements.

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